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Do’s and Don'ts at the Park

  • Keep outside influences, as far as possible, outside the park. Transistors, tape recorders, blowing the car horn and loud conversations are taboo in a national park. You will observe more wildlife if you are quiet.
  • Wear colours that blend with the forest - khaki, brown and olive green are ideal colours to wear in a national park. Animals might get frightened when they see bright colours since they are not used to them.
  • Do not feed any wild animals. They have plenty of natural food in the forest and do not need any junk food. By feeding them you are changing their habits.
  • Do not litter the place with polythene bags, tetra packs and other such materials. They not only spoil the beauty of the park, but also may harm the animals. Take them back with you to be disposed off properly.
  • Keep reasonable distance from all the animals. Approaching too closely will disturb them. Do not stand up when you are close to tigers - a large animal might see it as a threat and may be provoked to strike back.
  • Do not wear perfumes or any other strong smelling substances. The animals are sensitive to smell and it may arouse their curiosity.
  • Do not collect any plants or animals. They belong to the forest and not in your gardens.
  • Animals are generally shy and tend to hide when they see a human being. Please do not attempt to lure them out by throwing stones or other objects. Leave them in peace.
  • Take strict precautions to guard against accidental fires caused because of carelessness. Smoking and flash photography is prohibited in the park.
  • All drivers and guides are given a set of instructions regarding the speed of the vehicle, the route to be followed, the distance to be kept from other vehicles and wild animals and time guidelines. Never encourage your driver to break these rules.
  • You should not deviate from the allotted routes or leave the road and drive cross- country, enter without proper tickets, enter before sunrise or stay after sunset. 
  • You can play an important role in the conservation of the park by giving your valuable suggestions and recommendations. You should report errant drivers or if you see people violating the rules of the park. Sightings of poachers should also be reported to the Field Director of the National Park. 

Do not forget to carry A mosquito repellent, sunscreen, antiseptic cream, hat, socks and shoes, binoculars, camera, extra film rolls, water bottle, warm clothing in winters.

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